Donald Cried

Some people can take a hint. And some people are Donald.

"Melds offbeat humor, cringeworthy pathos, and naked human emotion into a lunatic mélange of genuine indie filmmaking. " 


"A painful nostalgia trip that's also terribly funny. It's set to unveil a new comedic talent both behind the camera and in front of it.  Donald Cried suggests the shadings of a psychological thriller stuffed into the mold of a boisterous R-rated comedy.

- Eric Kohn - INDIEWIRE

"There’s plenty of anxious, cringe-inducing humor to be found in writer-director-star Kris Avedisian’s comedy of discomfort." 

- Nick Schager -  VARIETY

"Building on the tension between two alienated and wildly mismatched protagonists, the film centers on their intricate relationship and evolves from straight-man/fool antics into an excruciating social anxiety nightmare."

 - Alejandro Veciana  - FILM COMMENT

"In his emotionally astute debut feature, Donald Cried, Kris Avedisian anatomizes a type of encounter that's much more common in life than in movies: an awkward reunion between two long-estranged friends that unearths a complex mix of guilt and shame in the one responsible for the estrangement. It would be easy for a filmmaker to either make such an encounter feel tediously uneventful or to pump it full of movie-ish melodrama, but Donald Cried does neither, remaining resolutely realistic while mining plenty of pathos, humor, and drama from the situation." 

- Elise Nakhnikian - SLANT MAGAZINE

"Kris Avedisian has wrung vibrant changes on a conventional Amerindie trope, the homecoming movie, which becomes realer and funnier in this version through the brilliance of his improvisational skills. A new talent is born, whose invention could develop equally richly in comedic or purely dramatic directions."

-  Chris Knipp -  FILM LEAF

"Avedisian walks the line of annoying and pitiable to perfection—there is always the vaguest of notions that Donald will descend into sociopathy, the possibility of misguided affections devolving into violent dreams and yet he’s a loving person down to his core no matter how weird he, or the film gets."

- Jesse Klein - HAMMER TO NAIL

"Avedisian proves himself a great comedic actor in his performance as Donald, undesirable and awkward yet charming."

- Elissa Suh - NOTEBOOK